Virtual market this weekend!

Hello! I’m very excited to invite you to my virtual market this weekend for the online launch of my new aluminium shawl pins! Up till now these have only been available to buy from me in person at yarn festivals, but in this market they are now available to everyone!

There are styles to suit everyone and lots of colours too, with both classic Celtic designs, and more modern and colourful interpretations, also shapes inspired by nature, and curvy, free-form, quite organic shapes.

With Christmas just around the corner these also make ideal stocking fillers or small gifts, or why not treat yourself?! After all, it’s not yarn so it doesn’t count as stash enhancement!

The event starts shortly (at 8pm GMT 23/11/18) over on my Facebook page.

Items will be sold on a first come, first served basis, and the shawl pins are all individually numbered so you can easily tell them apart. To buy something please comment with the password (which I shall reveal at the start of the event) underneath the photo(s) that you wish to purchase, and when you are finished shopping please send me a facebook message containing your email address (for me to send your PayPal invoice to) along with the item number(s) you wish to purchase. Postage will be added to the invoice, calculated based on the number of items purchased, and will be based on royal mail first class (UK) or International Standard shipping (everywhere else). If you wish to pay for faster shipping please say so in your message. You will have 24 hours from receipt of your invoice to pay it, and if you don’t then the shawl pins will be offered to the next in line.

The market runs all weekend, until 10pm GMT on Sunday 25th November, so anyone participating in Buy Nothing Day will still be able to join in tomorrow or Sunday.

When the event is over any unsold items will be added to my Etsy shop, so you’ll have a second chance to buy something then.

The available shawl pins are all in the album I’ve linked to below, which is where the market will be taking place. See you there!

Take me to the market!




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