Original designs

Did you know I also have some original designs available on Ravelry? Some are even free to download! You can find my pattern store here.

Or if you’d like to connect with me, you can find my profile here.

Do be sure to check back regularly as there are several new patterns in the development stage, which will be added to my pattern store, and here, once complete.

Currently available are:

My very first published pattern (which I’m very proud to say has had over 1000 downloads!) was the beautiful (and free!) faux woven effect entrelac blanket pattern. Each ‘row’ of squares is knitted at right angles to the previous row, which creates this delightful effect. Alternating colours, as I have, increases the optical illusion of a woven surface, however many people simply use it to add texture to their work, many changing colour every row. Take a look at the projects page for some inspiration!

download now





Next came the lovely lace falling leaves hat and scarf set. This is an excellent first lace project as it only requires a few stitches to be able to create the repeating leaf pattern. The hat continues the pattern all the way to the crown and the final leaves of each section are worked at the same time as the decreases.






The cosy seed stitch set (cowlheadband and wrist warmers) which are a brilliant novice project. The headband and wrist warmers only use knit and purl, and the cowl adds in a button hole, but at the end you will have created something wearable and much more use than endless practice granny squares! Also great for gift knitting as the pieces use chunky yarn and knit up very quickly.

Wrist warmers



My most complex published pattern to date is the double knit and reversible naughts and crosses mittens pattern, which also comes with tutorial videos (onetwo, and three) for those of you who are new to double knitting. If you aren’t familiar with the technique it involves knitting both sides at the same time which creates a double layered piece. Perfect for thick and cosy winter mittens which, I can assure you, really do keep fingers warm!